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50 Reasons Why Salsa Is Like Sex...

50 - Every person does it in their own way and style.
49 - It relieves stress.
48 - It's really good if you do it with music.
47 - There are always new moves and new techniques to be learned.
46 - You don't like it if your partner seems like they are not enjoying doing it with you.
45 - When doing it, you must have eye contact.
44 - Some people fantasize about doing it in stages and in front of audiences.
45 - You can't wait until you do it next time.
44 - Some people love doing it with strangers.
43 - The more you do it and practice, the better you are at it.
42 - Some people just love watching others doing it.
41 - You never forget who taught you and did it first with you.
40 - You like to tell stories about when you did it with someone good.
39 - Some people just do it for enjoyment and not for the emotional connection.
38 - Neighbors complain because of the noise and commotion from you and your partner.
37 - Some people even trade partners when doing it.
36 - You can not wait to get it over with if you do it with someone with no chemistry.
35 - Young ones always last longer, are faster, and do it more than the old ones.
34 - You love doing it with people that are more experienced.
33 - You can't stop thinking about it, and want to do it night and day.
32 - You smile just thinking about it.
31 - If you are good, others want to do it with you.
30 - Some people don't like to see their partners do it with someone else.
29 - You are in pain if you did it too much the night before.
28 - When you are done, both of you are tired, hot, sweaty and satisfied if done right.
27 - People can get cranky if they don't do it for a while.
26 - You even know the date when you did it last.
25 - If you wear too much clothes, you can't do it.
24 - There are hundreds of websites about it.
23 - People go out to get some and do it.
22 - People travel great distances to do it.
21 - You like it if people say that you are good at it.
20 - Some times it is intimidating doing it with someone better.
19 - It is just amazing when you both are on the same beat.
18 - You have injuries, bruises and scars because of doing it.
17 - The great ones are respected and well known.
16 - There are the regulars that hang around clubs and locales.
15 - People don't have to speak the same language to do it with.
14 - You can instruct new ones about doing it right and correctly.
13 - Some people don't even know their partners name when doing it.
12 - Some people like to do it with multiple partners at the same time.
11 - Some people can get jealous if you do it with others but them.
10 - You can accidentally injure your partner when doing it.
09 - There are videos that can teach you how to do it.
08 - People can download them online.
07 - Some people have done it with hundreds of people.
06 - You are always looking for little secrets to become better.
05 - It is a good idea to be flexible to do it.
04 - You can get in some crazy positions when doing it.
03 - There are places only dedicated for this at night.
02 - Now days you see people of the same sex doing it.
01 - If you are really good at it, you can start charging your services by the hour.

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Blogger Sem sono como sempre said...

Salsa aí vou eu!

22 novembro, 2006 20:34  
Blogger Susy said...

E viva a salva!!!

22 novembro, 2006 22:25  

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